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    Potential move: Charlotte housing and job market.

    Hey all,
    I might be moving within the year to NC from San Diego, CA. I wanted to hear from people living in Charlotte about housing and the job market. I would be looking for a 1 bedroom apartment/studio. Heck, even with a roommate. Could anyone tell me a ballpark of what I would spend? Any areas to avoid?

    How's the job market? My background is in nonprofit organizations, I have a B.A. In Psychology and my MBA, and am currently a case manager as well as a resource specialist. Is that marketable there?

    More importantly, how are the trails? I'm a roadie turned mountain biker, will I have to go back to road biking when I move? =p

    Thank you for any help.

    P.S. I am looking on Craigslist to gather prides/knowledge.
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    I can't give you much info about the housing market (been in the same place for 10+ years) or your job market with said degree.

    But... The trail system is great. There is a large number of single track trail system in the area. Check out:
    Tarheel TrailBlazers - Charlotte Mountain Bike Club
    These are the two more popular mountain biking groups in the area. They maintain a large number of trails local to the Charlotte area.

    Also in the Charlotte area is the US National Whitewater center. Happens to be 5 mins from my house so I spend a lot of my time there.

    Also living in Charlotte means you are just a couple hours away from the mountains and some real riding. Check out Bike Brevard NC, MTB Pisgah and DuPont, Road bike WNC Visit Brevard NC for some of the states best rides (DuPont and Pisgah)

    Good luck!

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    If you're looking to work for a private agency doing mental health case management, you can probably find work. ACT team type stuff.

    North Carolina privatized MH/SA/I-DD services starting in 2004. The only public entity jobs in case management are working for the managed care organization serving Mecklenburg county, Cardinal Health Innovations. I am in Asheville, not Charlotte, so I have no idea what the work environment at Cardinal is.

    Other case management, like medical, worker's comp, or private insurance, is likely going to require that you are either certified through CCMC or have a MSW or RN degree. This is because of the credential requirements of NCQA.

    Hope that helps.

    People who are not in this industry- no, I will not explain that alphabet soup here. Every industry has its jargon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carloswithac View Post
    I would be looking for a 1 bedroom apartment/studio.
    If you can afford this in San Diego, you can afford this in Charlotte...plus a bedroom or 2.

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    There have been so many apartment complexs build in the last 5 years it's crazy. Lots of stuff available and lots of choices depending on what you are in to.... and as mentioned bound to be a lot cheaper than what you are used to but don't expect an Ocean view ;-)

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