PAS-Sidehill / Little Hickory Top / Lower Sidehill / Greenís Lick trail work Ė 092211-
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    Good job! PAS-Sidehill / Little Hickory Top / Lower Sidehill / Greenís Lick trail work Ė 092211

    Written By: Kevin Dobovedo
    A group of five headed out for the last Dirty Thursday trail work session of summer. We divided into two small groups. David, Robin, and Sean completed a rock armoring project on a small section of Lower Sidehill, just below Laurel Branch Rd. Meanwhile Van and Kevin headed up to Little Hickory Top and Sidehill with a gas-powered hedge trimmer. We trimmed back some of the vegetation that has reduced sightlines on the curvy bits, including a lot of painful brambles. We didnít have enough daylight to complete the entire trail, but we cleared out the lower half down to Greenís Lick. Visibility should be greatly improved.

    Side note: On Lower Sidehill, we saw a small rock pile at the side of the trail. We have no idea who piled the rocks or why, although one guess is maybe it was for geocaching. Regardless, the larger concern is that the individuals responsible pulled rocks out of the center of the trail to do it. Not cool.

    Click here for article on PAS site.
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    Just to clarify, although I mentioned that this was the last Dirty Thursday of "Summer", we are still planning on working a couple more evenings next month. As long as we have a bit of light left, we'll be out there. We'll also be getting some Sundays scheduled for the fall and winter months. If you are on the Bent Creek Crew, you'll see the emails, so please come out and join us. The more people we have, the more ground we can cover!

    It's work, but it's fun work, and it feels good to give a little something back! (I also look at it as "cross-training".)
    "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."
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