• 09-18-2010
    OT - Personal Brewfest Winner
    I always stick with the "dark side", so this does not reflect on any of the possible great see-through or seasonal offerings. Waited a long time for it to be served, and it went fast:


    Yummy! Their Smoked Porter was my second choice. (Funny to hear a lady, who obviously was a pilsner drinker, say the Smoked tasted like a diaper. How would you ever come up with that comparison?)

    Saw a lot of MTB people out there. What was your pick?
  • 09-18-2010
    Eddie Dingle

    Originally Posted by park baker
    i'll help.

    maybe you should NOT drink.


    No, but really, I didn't act fast enough to get a ticket. Maybe next year. Who were the standout bluegrass acts this year?