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    North Carolina locals HELP!

    (x post from Passion)

    I am going to be going to Western NC from July 25th - July 31st. This will be my 4th year going to NC and I wanted to do a couple of new trails. We usually do both sides of Tsali, Fontana, Laurel Mountain, and Bent Creek through out the week. We are looking for a few new trails this year. We are staying in Bryson City and we donít mind driving. We are from South FL so just being in the mountains is a change for us! I know there are a lot of NC riders that post on here. Maybe we could hook up with someone for a ride? Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    I would recommend lots of pisgah and less tsali. There is a ton of stuff in pisgah, I rode Caney Bottom today, that was real fun as usual, its by the fish hatchery. I also like avery creek, trace ridge, sycamore cove, and twin falls.

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    Since you know how to find Laurel Mtn, you could try the trails in the Trace Ridge area. Just turn right across from the main parking lot as you enter the N. Mills Campground. You can actually hook into the Bent Creek trails from this area if you want a long ride. I suggest you get the official Pisgah Ranger District map...the trails are marked pretty well.

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    If you are looking for something new give Dupont State Forest a try. It's got some really great trails especially Big Rock/Cedar Mtn/Burnt Mtn just to name the ones off of the top of my head. And that area drains really fast if you come on a rainy weekend. If you like it rocky, give farlow gap/daniels ridge loop a shot, veddy nice, scenic and fun. That is near the fish hatchery too. Kitzuma is fun, a really great downhill and if you like abandoned highways to return on then its really great. I strongly agree with Litespeed chik about trace ridge area. Its got multiple great trails with no shortage of challenge, adrenaline, and FUN. Plus it is a beautiful area as well and gives you plenty of options to choose from. Avery's creek/buckwheat knob is phenomenal, nuf said. And to reiterate what LSC said, stick with pisgah and dump tsali. That's where the fun is.

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    Pisgah has it all

    I am also from South Florida and have been making my yearly pilgrimage to Pisgah since 1993. I agree with cmweldo, Avery's creek/buckwheat knob is a blast. I recommend Starting at the horse stables and climbing up Clawhammer road to buckhorn gap turn left up Black Mountain trail to Club Gap then left down Avery Creek. You could combine that with Maxwel Cove Road to Pressley Gap to Back Mountain to Thrift Cove. I could go on and on the possibilities are endless. Also S Mills River to Squirrel Gap to Laurel Creek is a great combination. If youíre into descending tight rocky switchbacks donít forget Pilot Rock Trail. For Epicís try the Squirrel Gap to Turkey Pen Gap ride is amazing. I Use Tsail as a recovery ride after abusing myself in Pisgah for a couple of weeks. Pisgah has such an incredible diversity that you do not need to go anywhere else. Man, my mind and legs miss it.

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    i definitely agree with the up buckwheat knob and down avery creek. although i think i might try it reverse this time in july and go up avery and down buckwheat...that should be interesting

    if ya want an epic suggestion try this:

    park across from davidson river camp in the parking lot with the power line. go up thrift cove then continue up black mountain trail to turkey pen gap. ride that all the way across to the turkey pen parking area. rip down the 66 jumps to s. mills river trail. ride that for awhile and fit in some of the loops off it if ya feel like climbing more or just stick with s. mills and ride that all the way back to buckhorn gap and up to black mountain trail then back down black mountain/thrift cove for a hellish final descent! s. mills and buckhorn are very easy to climb. just long and gradual grade except for the top where you run into black mountain so if ya toss in the stuff below dont be worried!

    it takes a while so be prepared! i did some other trails off of s. mills but couldnt remember specifics so didnt list them but i recall cantrell creek, bradley creek??, horse cove gap and squirrel gap playing in there. if ya check the map you should see where i went.

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