• 06-15-2009
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    New Year/New Greens Lick Thread
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    Greenslick Sabotage
    I just got done with my morning ride at Bent Creek and someone or a group of people pulled up all the rock work at the top of Greenslick. I am not sure who is responsible but PAS just did some amazing work to that trail.

    If you cannot ride the first part of Greenslick then you should not be riding it. When people do unapproved trail work it helps no one. It makes mountain bikers look bad.

    If you do not like the way a trail is come to Dirty Thursday or contact PAS. If you do not work on the trail you have no right to destroy other peoples work.

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    thats because greens lick was built by people that dont rip on the bike. i was out there at the original re-design of the trail. my suggestions were shot down by the almighty bad haircut.

    then i was out there at the national trails day. i helped build the jumps at the bottom with a pretty diverse group of people. rigid single speeders, some girlfriends and dh big boys. we thought we were doing a great job. i might go ride it this week and see what all the fuss is about.

    i propose of re-working of greenslick, or the area "downhillers" and free riders can get together and talk about building something new, proposing it to the forest service, and doing it. we can take over sorba, and have things done the way we want them.

    Board of Director's elections are coming up...
  • 06-15-2009
    reminds me of this
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  • 06-15-2009
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    Regardless of our "birthright" or personal ride interests - we all have the same objective: Trail access and preservation.
  • 06-16-2009
    Can't complain unless you get involved!