• 05-13-2018
    a a r o n
    Need Help From some NC People --- NOT MTB related
    Hey guys,

    Sorry, not MTB related but I know somebody here will know.

    I'm looking to buy a car in North Carolina. I'm out of state and all my state requires me to have is a Title that is signed by the seller and notarized with my information on it.

    I know in South Carolina, a seller can sign their title and send a buyer on their way, no notary required. Here in Ohio, If I sell a car, I have to have it notarized while both I and the buyer are present.

    How is it in North Carolina? If I don't need to be present, I'll send a friend that's down there to get the car asap. Otherwise, I'll need to rush down.

    Thanks in advance!
  • 05-13-2018
    In NC, the seller must sign in front of a notary when selling a car. The buyer does not need to be present, only the seller. However, the notary must write your full name on top of the title so it does not remain an open title.

    If you're sending a friend, make sure that he and the seller go to a bank before anything is written on the title, and have the seller sign everything before a notary there.

    I've signed plenty of titles, and some buyers still don't learn their lesson.
  • 05-13-2018
    a a r o n
    awesome, thanks for the help.