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    Moved from General Discussion..NC Coast?

    I should have paid more attention. This message was originally posted in the General Discussion...Anyways..

    My wife and 2 kids will be going on Vacation somewhere(No reservations made yet) and I want to take along our bikes. What trails are close to the coast? At the moment I ride pretty much hard pack, rocky, singletrack...xc.

    I am pretty much open to anywhere along the coast because we haven't reserved where we will be. Any Suggestions?

    My daughter will be riding in a pull behind trailer but my son will still be in the break-in period with his new Trek MT-60. Any technical trails would only consist of me and if not to technical then me and my 7 year old son.


    Dave ><>

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    Try asking on But my guess is the answer will be bring a road bike.
    When the going gets weird its bedtime.

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    Coastal Trails


    There are a few trails on the coast that I know of. I orginally moved to WNC from the coast two years ago. The best by far, Is Greenville, NC( home of ECU) which is about a hour and and a half from the beach and has a trail called The Bicycle Post. This trail has a little of everything with about 10 miles of trails being constantley improved with alot of sand,roots, man made jumps and a few steep 100 yd climbs and descents. This trail system also has a hidden freeride course and a stunt course that has log rides, teeter tooters, and the such.

    Just outside of New Bern, NC( original capital of NC and birthplace of Pepsi Cola,about 45 minutes from Atlantic Beach) is a trail known as Beaver's Dam. This is a three mile loop trail that is technically easy with a few rolling dips in a swamp. This trail was closest to my home and hard to handle just because the over abundance of mosqitos and yellow flies that tried to take you down. Expect to be very swollen after this ride or ride very fast!!!

    Jacksonville, NC ( 45 minutes from Atlantic Beach)has two trail systems on the bases for which you must get a pass to get on. The first is the Brig trail which is a 8 mile loop behind the Camp Leguene Brig with lots of ups and downs, sandpits and a jungle atmosphere. Lots of bridges and log hops.
    The next is New River Air Station Trail. This is on the air Base and has been the subject of some controversy. It was still open when I lived in that area. This trail has lots of twist and turns and a big open pit area known as the playground which has lots of gap jumps and gravity drops. This is where I taco'd two wheels and knocked myself out for a few seconds after a bad landing doing a 20' gap jump which went horribly wrong midair.

    Havelock, NC( 30 minutes from Atlantic Beach) has a trail called the Pirrana Pit which is another twisty,sandy rooty, trail with a few log hops and cliff like conditions. This trail is hard to get on unless your military because its on a marine corps station that doesn't like civilians to be there unless they have good reason.
    Another is the Nuesioc trail which is a 13 mile jungle fest ride with lots of snakes, bugs, and a few aligators to nibble your toes.

    There are a few others that opened after I left but you should contact the Down East Cyclists which will give you much better info and probably someone to ride with in the area. Visit them at


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    Hey thanks for the info. I live in central southern KY. Around my parts there are not any real dangerous animals except a few snakes and possibly a dog...Maybe an opossum with distemper

    The thoughs of aligators freaks me a little.

    Again thanks,

    Dave ><>

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