Mountain Mayhem Tour USA-
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    Mountain Mayhem Tour USA

    Hi fellow Crankers
    In a couple of weeks I will be starting a tour of the United States in search of the best trails your country has to offer. I will be starting in North Carolina, I am very flexible of my whereabouts and time frames, but usually choose about 2-3 places per state to use as a base, and from there travel to highly recommended trails, and from experience I know that there is no better way to find the best secrets than from the locals themselves. I have jotted down "Brevard" "Cashiers" and "Asheville" all in the North West, as I believe this is the best region ( please correct me if I am mistaken). My question to all the locals from this part of North Carolina, what would your choice of trails be.. lets say TOP 3.. Preferably Loops, does not have to be extreme, anything from a grade 2 - 4(+) and preferably 2 - 5+ hours, but any shorter ones would be considered if highly recommended.
    Also, can anyone recommend a good book of trails in this region, and what would be the best towns to use as a base?.. and good bike shops?
    My rides will be recorded, (HelmCam) and posted on my blogs and and on YouTube and various other Tubes.
    If any fellow bikers would like to show me and join me on any rides in North Carolina, please shoot me a message thru one of my sites.
    thank you all for taking the time to read this, and hopefully a few of you will be able to help me out with recommendations.
    Thanks in advance.

    de P

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    What a long strange trip this will be

    What is your skill level?

    You were mentioning some places in the SOUTHwest. Brevard is known for some great trails. I have only spent a short amount of time there since it was out of my way.

    Since you have the mountains in NC, you should probably concentrate there esp. in this heat/humididity. My boys in the NORTHwest (wilson creek area etc.) may be able to show you around there if you're ready to sweat your @ss off.

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    [email protected] yeah. I did this same thing 10 years ago, minus the video camera. My advice is to make sure you're out west in July and August to enjoy the trails there without too much snow. I was snowed out in some places in early June. On my "must ride" list for you is Bend, Oregon; Missoula, Montana; Sun Valley, ID; Hood River, OR; Mt St Helens and southwest WA, Winthrop, WA, Flagstaff, AZ, Downieville, CA, Prescott, AZ, and of course anywhere in Colorado.
    For NC, check out Tsali, Fontana Village; it's fun for a day or two. Anything around Asheville. Check out

    Skip the Maah-daah-hey trail in N. Dakota, skip Black Hills, SD, eastern Wyoming doesn't offer much, Laramie has some cool road rides. I've heard Jackson Hole has some nice trails, but too much snow when I was there. For my money, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon are the best. Go see for yourself! But don't drive through Death valley in the summer, the long climb out killed my old subaru and it never ran right after that.


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    Thanks guys for the reply, I have booked my first destination way in advance, cos all the campsites are filling up cos of the long July 4th weekend, my first base will be "Solitude Point" in / near Cleveland, I will base myself here for a week, and drive to various trails.
    @ yogiprophet, I would consider myself an Intermediate, nothing extreme ( cat. 2+ - 4+)
    @ eatmorecarp, last year I travelled for 6 months thru the States, and I too luved Bend and Hood River..My favourites were Moab & Bend..
    Thanks for the other recommendations, I will definitely look them up.. did go to Missoula, but my rides were in Helena, so I will check out the Missoula trails.
    Also thanks for the link, I will now pay it a visit..

    if you think of anymore trails / regions, please hit me back

    de P

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