Just got the new Mgura marta SL RaceLine Disc brakes front and back. They come with this new EBT (Easy Bleed Technology) feature on them .
So I cut the front line and went to bleed the brakes the new way. 6 hours or so later there are still air bubbles in the line. Now I did not sit there for 6 hours, I left the lines open to see if the air needed more time to rise and went to do yard work..
I was following the EBT directions to the tee. Needless to say I could not get the air out the new way. So I did it the old fassion way and they were bleed in 15 minutes. What a load of crap. It took me so long that I couldn't ride them that day. On top of other things that went wrong on Saturday, My brand new lawn mower stopped working after the front yard.
This was my 3rd set of brakes to bleed and I have never had any problem doing it the old way. Just wanted to let you know if you get the new pair, it might work out quicker to just do it the way you know how.