M-U-M is that you?

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  • 09-16-2010
    M-U-M is that you?
    So I come up on an aid station at the start of Club gap and there's M-U-M holding a 36 inch Carp / er a fish and I told her I was Motobutane and she said I don't recognize you:cryin: I was crushed, I could hardly go on:mad: My fork felt stiff,my chain needed lube and on of my tires started going flat:madman: I had alot of goals but now I have only one.
    One day when I grow up and become a great Mtn biker she will recognize me, ya know just a hey I know that guy and then she'll say "Hey ya wanna pet my fish":thumbsup:
    And thanks for volunteering for the "Real" racers.:D
  • 09-16-2010
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    Get over yourself, I'd recognize that bike anywhere.


    (That was the infamous Tsali Trout, btw.)
  • 09-17-2010
    Stupendous Man
    You mean this one?

  • 09-17-2010
    Everyone was so disgustingly nice today! I was getting to the point, that if I heard "thank you" one more time, I was going to get un-reputably nauseated. Where was the drama, broken seat posts, blood, divas, creative cuss words, snakes ate my tire BS and whining?


    FINALLY - we were rewarded with an old school hissy-fit! Made hanging out for nine hours in the woods worth every minute - even if he was silent. Gotta love man who knows how to express himself.

    SM - hope your SO doesn't see that pic. What happens in Du stays In Du.


    Great times this week. I hate mountain biking.
  • 09-18-2010
    MUM says, "I hate mountain biking".............now that's a quote for the record. :p