S-I-L and I rode up to and then down Sleepy Gap yesterday. Great fun! Hardly had to walk at all Then he says to me, "this should look familiar, we hiked it before".

So we set out down Explorer, he rolling and jumping on his Nomad no-expense-spared DH bike and me straddle-walking over the roots on my Haro HT. Now it gets worse. S-I-L lets me try the Nomad. 'Where did the roots and rocks go, I wonder?' It's like a rolling Lazy Boy! And the brakes! I thought the Hayes were great, and they do stop ya, but the Italian hydraulics on the Nomad are unbelievable. No way you could lock them up.

Back on the Haro, I 'man up' after finding out that rolling over obstacles at >1 MPH isn't so bad. There were still a few places to walk tho'; what's up with that tree on the left, a massive upthrust root on the right, a 6" downhill gap between them and the creek waiting to collect the brave?

Do the Democrats know about this hazard?

Still trying to get better...and keep up the fun.