A Happy Medium

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  • 08-18-2010
    A Happy Medium
    You know, the tire. I'm a Kenda fan and have toasted my current pair of Nevegals and am wondering if I couldn't stand for a little less knob for smoother rolling. What does the local collective say about the Happy Medium as a compromise between big Nevegal knobs and the wee little Small Block Eights. And what about the Slant Six?

    I'm not intirely opposed to changing brands either so post up your favorite fast rolling tire for local conditions that's got low center tread and high cornering knobs, cuz I think that's what I wanna try next.
  • 08-19-2010
    Kenda Karma, all around great tire.
  • 08-19-2010
    Whatever tire is on sale at the time is always my favorite brand.
  • 08-19-2010
    I run the SB8 rear Nevegal front combo. Standard tires, run without a tube, on a UST rim. I wouldn't recommend it for rocky situations, it's just not a tough tire. It's a fast combo, and suprisingly has good traction in hardpacked or medium hardpack conditions, but it sucks in the rocks, loose, mud, etc. It takes some skill to ride it and realize it's limits.
  • 08-19-2010
    Mike Brown
    In general, Maxxis has several offerings that meet your criteria. Look at the Ardent and Ignitor. In 29", the Ardent was an awesome tire for around here but wore very quickly. Ignitor is a very predictable tire.

    Lots of people I know on 26" love the WTB ExiWolf.
  • 08-19-2010
    Do yourself a favor and switch to maxxis ardents. I have had it with kenda's paper thin sidewalls. Ardents hook up, roll fast, and don't pinch flat every ride.
  • 08-19-2010
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    If you knew me the past 13 years, you'd know I was "all about tires" = Tire Hoe. I absolutely loved the whole concept of tread patterns and terrain. Ended my search/experimentation with the attached pic.

    Tire reviews in mags and web chatter always get my attention. Must be a long time post menopausal thing.


    (Meant for Mr. Goose)
  • 08-20-2010
    I think nevegals are WAY over rated. Slow rolling, heavy, and only middle of the road-ish cornering stability. That said, finding the happy mediums in stock any where may be difficult. There were some problems with the initial runs of the happy medium, the bbg and some other new kenda tires. Because they were comming out quite a bit above predicted weights they were held off the market while some changes are made and the tires can be recast.

    That said, I'll give thumbs up to the excavator as a surprisingly fast rolling tire, followed very closely by the blue groove and el moco for pisgah riding. The el moco is way under-rated in my book and fits the bill for fast rolling center and fat cornering knobs.

    Though kenda has treated me very well I can say they need to offer more of their tires in 29" versions. Seriously, the happy medium in a 29 X 2.1 would be the cat's pajamas!
  • 08-21-2010
    Some great advise and suggestions posted here, thanks. Still what I'm not sure of is the basic "idea" of a low tread middle, high block edge tire. I'm sure the industry thought it a good idea or they wouldn't make them, but how do they (regardless of brand) hold up in the local dirt? It seems the evenly spaced high block/knobbie is still the favorite around these parts. Picture below of the Happy Medium for example.

  • 08-24-2010
    Specialized has some damn good rubber ou t now. I was sceptical to change from my 4th set of Rampage's and I have been very inpressed. Check 'em out.
  • 08-24-2010
    The Ardent rolls like a low tread tire and has corner bite like a DH tire. They also have the Aspen which is a low tread tire and is wicked fast but still has cornering knobs for good cornering. An Ardent up front with the Aspen out back is a great combo.

    Their true middle of the road offering is the CrossMark. It's no slouch either.