Gauge or Speed Calculator options? No 90+ dollar calculators from bike shops-
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    Gauge or Speed Calculator options? No 90+ dollar calculators from bike shops

    Looking for accurate readout. Not looking to spend 90 dollars or more for a computer from a bike shop. Does anyone know a reliable source or app I can get the most precise/accurate mph readouts possible? I'd like to know how fast I've gone after my runs today.

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    An app on a smartphone is probably the least accurate, unless you go in a straight line (phones have lower end GPS receivers in them). A dedicated GPS device is much better and way more accurate. There's a good one available on Amazon, IGPSport, for $90. Operates just like the lower end Garmins without the maps. Even cheaper, you could get a cycling computer that reads off a wheel sensor, but you can't save the data (at least not on the ones I'm familiar with) and you'd have to keep your wheel on the ground.

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    This one. I've been using it since November. Very happy with it.

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    A $20 wired cyclocomputer would do the job. If you want to save it, you'll have to write the numbers down in a spreadsheet. Calibrate the wheel sensor well and it'll be more accurate than anything else. But you also cannot subdivide your ride into sections. Only way to do that without stopping is a computer with GPS. And there is a minimum cost of entry for those. No other way around that. And if you want the most accurate speeds/distances, you have to have a wheel sensor, even with a GPS computer. That will cost money.

    And yeah, a phone tracking app (there are dozens out there, even for free) is probably the least accurate option. If you already have the phone, it's the cheapest.

    So there is no truly perfect answer for you. Just options, each one with drawbacks. You have to decide which ones are acceptable.

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    This will give you a general idea how fast you are going. Follow someone in a car on a gentle downhill have your bike in the biggest gear. have them go 25 mph note your cadence also stop pediling and note the freehub hum while staying at the same speed. Repeat in 5 mph increments. You woud be suprised how well you can estimate your speed in general. You will also find a particular speeed that you can get a near exacy estimate do the the sound of you freehub. For example I know exactly when i hit 38mph. You can also doeo the reverse. Find a speed with an idenifable hum and have someone follow in car and tell you exact speed you are traveling.

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