Hey Guys and Gals,

My friend John who lives in West Asheville broke his De Kerf hardtail while doing the Heartbreak-Kitsuma Epic with me this past weekend. He prefers a used Gunner steel frame but I think would take any good steel frame. Here is his email and specs. Randy, do you want to sell your old Gunner frame?


This is relevant and on-topic because I cracked my frame riding with the goat last Friday on the Heartbreak-Kitsuma combo route.

I'm looking for a used cheap steel MTB frame with the following dimensions:

TT 24"
HT 1 1/8, 5" long
STD 27.2
FD Top pull

I'd really like a Gunnar Rockhound, but I'm not picky. Scratches, blems OK, but frame must be straight, undented and buildable.


John "Dead DeKerf" M.