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    Farlow Gap closure

    I must of been to entangled in my web of ideas to see this one coming. Farlow Gap is purposed to be closed as of 5/12/2004 to mountain bikes. I know that for the past several years the forest service has been trying to close this trail to bikes but, I never saw a purposal for public comment on the recent plan of action. Check out


    (keep in mind this pdf is 1.6 mb so it takes a minute to download)

    for the National Forest plan of actions for North Carolina. Then click on the bookmarked Pisgah Ranger District on the left. Then go to #12 Trail Use Designations on page 28.

    I think I'll write FS a letter anyway to voice my opposistion to this action. I know many of you have not/ probably will not ride Farlow Gap but you must realize one more trail lost to mountain bikers makes it one step easier for other trail users to push thier case to remove mountain bikers from the forest. I will be getting info on who to send my letter to and will inform you when I get the info. Please no Negative letters bashing the Forest Service. We must make them realize we are a positive trail user.


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    Thanks for the link. That sucks about Farlow, but #20 disturbed me much more. After the mess they made of Butter Gap and Buckhorn(on the way to Pink Beds) a couple of years ago with the bobcat, I'm horrified by the list of trails they intend to screw up in 2004. Practically everything I ride.

    Do you have an email address handy?


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    That hurts

    That was really one of my favorite rides.One of the best fireroad climbs getting to it.
    Guess I better go ride it a few times more.
    Later, Doug

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    Farlow Gap

    The closing sucks, not only because we are losing a trail, but also it is bad precedent for other closings. Unfortunately I think the comment period has already closed on the issue, not that writing e-mails isn't a good idea, but I don't think it will have any effect on this particular closure. Woody Keen and the BRBC lobbied hard against the closure, but to no avail. This was about 1 - 11/2 years ago, maybe longer. This was the same general time frame that they were negotiating with the forest service over Bent Creek and all the "new" trails that had been created by mountain bikers. The result reached with Bent Creek was positive, so maybe this was more a tit for tat situation, this is mere speculation though, so don't take this for gospel. You should contact Woody or the BRBC for the low down on all this. Again, I may be totally wrong, but it was just an observation I made at the time it all went down.

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