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    So I've been out there several times, go the map etc.... but I need some advice.

    Where is all the good singletrack at DuPont? I've got Burnt Mountain and the
    slickrock stuff down, but everywhere else I go has been gravel road type stuff.
    Can you guys put me on to some more singletrack in there, or is that pretty much


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    Heads up Flyboy!!
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    Got some time

    Got some time this weekend if it doesn't snow us out again. Its all kind of spread out, Dupont is mostly doubletrack with a few patches of singletrack thrown in all over.


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    Hey Zach,

    One of my favorite singletracks in Dupont is Reasonover Creek TR. Its long windy, has some steep sections and some unridable (by me) sections. I think its best to start from Lake Julia. I usually ride slickrock then over to Reasonover then take Conservation Rd.-Shortcut-Airstrip-Mine Mountain-Laurel Ridge-Corn Mill Shoals back to the car. That’s a 3-16-kinda on the boundry possably off limits trail-5-18-47-70-18-82-1-56-48-19. That’s a pretty good loop. Most of it is SS’able but I like the FS fore some of those fast descents. Its hard to link a lot of singletrack in Dupont without hitting as much if not more fire road in a loop.

    BTW… did you go to Fontana and race in the snow?

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    Thanks guys....

    I've got some of my bro's from Louisiana coming up for Mardi Gras vacation.
    We'll probably hit DuPont as soon as they get here - Saturday around noon,
    I'd guess. Sunday we'll probably do the Laurel Mountain - Pilot Rock loop,
    then Northslope at Davidson in the afternoon. Monday we'll session Bent Creek
    for as long as we can pedal, then get falling-down drunk.

    I'll have to see what sort of mood they are in - I suspect they may want to ride
    up and down slickrock all afternoon. They're sort of funny that way. The
    loop sounds good, though I'll definitely try it out. Maybe see some of you guys
    out and about this weekend?

    Went to Fontana, alright. Darn near lost a toe, but it was still a pretty neat
    event - really pretty in the snow. Sometimes misery just seems to add to the

    Picked up 3rd in SS, but to be fair I believe I may have been the only sober
    person in the class.

    Rock on,

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    I know dupont pretty well, and I agree, the lack of good singletrack can be frustrating, but it IS there. A lot of the singletrack trails there are wide, because they are machine cut, and some of them arent singletrack, but they "ride" like singletrack as you ride them. for a good singletrack trail, as you turn off the road to go to burnt mountain, bear left at the first split, cross the river and corn mill shoals road turns into a sweet trail, its got nice DH both ways down, and spits you out at the bottom of bridal veil. Another good singletrack trail, kinda out there, is Jim Branch trail, its fun. Reasonover creek is good, but still needs to be ridden more, I havent been out there for a long time, but its not as good as pisgah by any means. Just explore dupont, if you have a map, its hard to get horribly lost.

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