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    crazy wildlife moments experiences?

    Ever had a crazy wildlife moment or is it just me? I've had to bunnyhop over turtles, snakes, and frogs. I figured that stuff was just normal though and came with nature on the trails, but today topped them all.

    As I was cruising down some singletrack in southside SC, a freaking bird flew right into my bike. Yes. I hit a bird....while he was flying....I think they're out to get me.

    Whats your weird moment?

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    Recently I had a bike ride nest to me for .25 miles. And today I had another run in with a large black bear. Typical snake bunny hops also.

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    1. We were riding up Wash Creek Road from the spillway to ride Spencer's Gap/Trace Ridge. It was late spring and I'd seen several Carolina Flat Snakes laid out on the gravel. We came across a honking Timber Rattler that as of yet had not undergone the inglorious transformation to a Carolina Flat Snake, and it became our task of the minute to preserve the state of things as they were, instead of as they would soon become. So in grand mountain style, we got a stick, and tried to poke this thing until it slithered off the road. It worked to an extent. This snake did not go off the road the direction it was headed, rather, it turned around went to the other side of the road and entwined itself in my bicycle frame.

    Did you know the sound of a rattle sounds like air being let out of a tire? I do now. It took us a good minute of poking to get this thing to give me my damn bike back and crawl back in to the woods.

    But victory was ours on two fronts. First, I got my bike back, and second, when driving home later that day, there was not a Carolina Flat Snake to be seen in the vincinity of this suprising incident.

    2. When I first moved to WNC in 2002, I was hauling ass through Fletcher Fields just before the beaver dam area. When I exited the fields into the bushes bordering the fields, my first thought regarding a creature that was about 5 feet from me on my left was "that's the biggest rottweiler I've ever seen." In the space between my first and second thought that accurately identified said animal as a bear, the bear reared up and bellowed and I locked up the brakes and laid down the bike and ran my ass back to the fields. I might have bellowed too.

    I wanted to see it again but I really didn't want to see it again so after about five minutes I went back and collected my bike and rode on. In retrospect we were prolly equally scared of one another which is a stasis I'm entirely comfortable with.

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    1 - my dog fighting a bear at Johnson Gap on Laurel Mtn. The dog won.

    2 - having a rattle snake strike at me climbing 5018 (I was trying to pick black berries while riding and not paying attention)

    3 - getting swarmed by bees on Mullinax and being stung many dozens of times. Perhaps the most frightening of all three.

    Do goats count as wildlife? If so I'll add the time a goat joined me and my dog for a three mile road run!

    I also ran over and killed a squirrel one time on my road bike. Tire track right across it's back. Poor guy didn't stand a chance!
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    I almost hit a turtle at Dairy Ridge last year. Not too exciting. But I have run over a copperhead at Southside one time. Once years ago, a bunch of us were at BC, taking a break and sittiing around on a log. A big ole black snake fell out of a tree about 10 feet away and scared the crap out of us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by driftwood
    Do goats count as wildlife? If so I'll add the time a goat joined me and my dog for a three mile road run!
    Mine are all road ride related. Only MTB experiences I've had so far have been with unleashed dogs in Bent Creek.

    If goats count I'll throw this one in... I came over the top of Elijay Rd in Jackson County and was just getting up to full speed going down Tilley Creek, came around the first curve and nearly ran into two cows standing in the middle of the road.

    I watched a deer run across the road in front of me. Nothing new there.. happens all the time, especially in Ohio. But this one wiped out on the rain slick pavement and skidded across the road. Hit the dirt on the other side, jumped up and ran off into the woods. Pretty funny.

    A buddy of mine had a squirrel jump on him... literally clawed onto the front of his jersey. He grabbed it with one hand, pitched it off to the side, and kept on riding. Remarkable and hilarious.

    Those are some funny ones, but they aren't always funny. I hate squirrels.. my buddies and I have had multiple injuries between us... one nearly fatal, thanks to the little MFers.
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    Is it mountain bike related if the Bike was on the back of your Jeep?

    I was drivng near Winston Salem NC. On some back curvey roads in my 1999 jeep wrangler, with the top and windows down. My hand was waiving out the window as it usually does when a bird flew by and hit the palm of my hand. I was going about 45 mph and it hurt like a mofo. I could feel the birds beak and claws the rest of the day in my hand. It was almost as painful as when I decided to drive by a traffic cone and knock it over with my hand. I was only going like 25mph and I do not even think the cone flinched, but I think every vesel in my hand exploded.

    FWIW - I have run over many a snake and missed many a squirel, I have been attacked by bee/s 3 times while on a bike. The last time one got stuck in my helmet and stung me good enough to make my head swell and my helmet not fit. I have had several close calls with squirels and one close call with a dear.

    Also - I have talked to a guy who crashed into a pack of wild turkeys and later in the same stretch crashed into a deer. (flat part of South Side)

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    Just the first time my wife saw a black bear in the wild.

    "Oh sh*t!!!....I'm leaving!!! wait, I should stand still!!!....keep moving!!!!"

    All this while I stood there watching a bear watch her. I'm sure the bear was amused.
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    I've had a few...

    Off the top of my head:

    1. I chased a bobcat down Fletcher Creek trail for about 3-5 seconds. At first I thought: How did that big ass house cat get way out here?

    2. A rattlesnake struck at me on 5018. Actually it struck at my front wheel and I saw it recoil and prepare to strike again as my leg passed by. I've never climbed 5018 faster than right after that.

    3. Bears. Lot's of bears.
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    Got charged by a deer backpacking at night back when I lived in MI. It saw the headlamps and ran right at them down the trail, jumped out of the way just in time! Pretty freaky experiance
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    On the bike, I've gotten close with bears and rattlesnakes. I think I saw a bobcat once. I've seen a deer jump like 10' in the air.

    But my current wildlife experience is a bit closer to home. A bird has decided to make a nest on the front door of my house. We have this wreath on the door and the bird built it's nest in the wreath. There are 3 eggs in the nest and every time you slam the door the bird freaks out. This morning it nearly took my eye out when I left the house to go to work.

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    I relate to your post in these ways:

    1. apparently, "what is that giant kitty doing out here?" is the universal thought right before "hey, that's a bobcat!".

    2. based on this and the post above in this small thread, and extrapolating to the mountain bike population as a whole, I am never getting on 5018 again unless it's between Christmas and New Years.

    3. I saw my FIRST BEAR Saturday at Bent Creek. SO exciting. Jeff has seen several, but for once i was riding in front and actually got to SEE the bear instead of hear about it.

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    On a night beach ride in Encinitas a seagull flew into my light and one of it's wings got caught between a brake cable and the handlebar. It rode along for a bit squawking and flapping until I could work it loose. Bunch of feathers at the site on the way back but no bird so I guess it was OK.

    Cardinal flew into my helmet on a road ride.

    Cat ran right in front of me at 20mph on a road ride...lotsa road rash after that crash.

    Hit a pit bull at 8-10 mph...felt like a wall. Not too much road rash from that one.

    Ran over several squirrels and a rabbit...don't even feel 'em.

    Numerous snake runovers but no bites, poisonous or otherwise.

    Seen many bobcats which are no big deal, but the day I saw a mountain lion come out on the road a few yards ahead of me was pretty scary.

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    Dear Chief,

    Please tell us about Esther and the bear cub yesterday.

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