Clemson DH Race 2009 Results & PIx-
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    Clemson DH Race 2009 Results & PIx

    We would like to thank everyone for coming out today. The weather was perfect, the dirt was perfect, and the turnout was outright impressive at 104 entries. We had to resort to 30 second intervals to keep the race finishing within reasonable time. If we host another race of this size, we will have to start dividing up the men's classes by age. That's a good thing. Sorry we weren't able to get race times up at the race, but we were having issues with printing.

    Everyone's best time of the two official runs is listed below.
    I'll try to get the excel spreadsheet up for download soon with the full listing of both runs. A link for pictures will be coming up soon, so stay tuned for that. Pictures of 104+ riders take a while to upload...

    Men's Pro/Expert Class

    Chris Herndon 01:24.5
    Ryan Taylor 01:27.1
    Dan Ennis 01:27.9
    Ethan Quehl 01:28.6
    Cecil Linder 01:29.8
    Daniel Cesar 01:30.4
    Charles Monney 01:30.6
    Micheal Thomas 01:30.6
    Greg Nelson 01:30.9
    Steve Bennett 01:31.5
    Joey Short 01:33.6
    Wilson Sansbury 01:33.9
    P.K. Graff 01:34.1
    Butch Greene 01:34.4
    Steve Ford 01:34.6
    Nicholos Mileti 01:35.2
    Chris Graytmans 01:35.9
    Ben Gidney 01:36.1
    Austin Parsons 01:37.1
    Tripp Bagnal 01:37.1
    Jon Angermeir 01:38.0
    Craig Folsom 01:38.3
    Pat Keller 01:38.5
    C. J. Coudret 01:38.6
    Chris Buchley 01:38.7
    Travis Fields 01:39.5
    Peter Waldecll 01:39.7
    Dave Davidson 01:41.9
    Paul Starento 01:43.1
    Tony Baurmann 01:43.2
    Ben Weatherly 01:43.9

    Men's Sport

    1 Derek Atkins 01:34.2
    2 David Dreher 01:35.2
    3 Brad Collins 01:36.7
    4 Sam Edgemon 01:36.7
    5 Joseph Lennon 01:37.1
    6 Kevin Satterfield 01:37.3
    7 Justin Mitchell 01:37.8
    8 Andrew Irby 01:38.1
    9 Brendan Short 01:38.3
    10 Zach Kruss 01:38.4
    11 James Chaput 01:38.4
    12 Jonathan Newton 01:38.5
    13 Nathan Swartz 01:38.9
    14 Max Liljequist 01:38.9
    15 Ben Calhoun 01:38.9
    16 Mike Calhoun 01:39.3
    17 Cory Schiep 01:39.3
    18 Adam Darling 01:39.9
    19 Austin Perkins 01:40.5
    20 Dylan Robertson 01:40.7
    21 Raymond Felton 01:41.5
    22 Mark Rice 01:41.5
    23 Eric Vazquez 01:41.6
    24 Thomas Joyner 01:42.1
    25 Paxton Little 01:42.4
    26 Lavens Bowen 01:42.6
    27 Sam Koenig 01:43.3
    28 Jay Judy 01:44.1
    29 Sam Sheline 01:44.3
    30 Franklin Arnall 01:44.9
    31 Sebastian Hernadez 01:44.9
    32 Jonathan Howlette 01:48.5
    33 Neal Beckett 01:49.3
    34 Tom Leaman 01:49.6
    35 Jack Eigel 01:50.0
    36 Chip Fesperman 01:53.7
    37 Eddie McElyea 01:54.5

    Beginner Men

    Carlton Noles 01:34.0
    Zach Heaton 01:35.7
    Colin Tice 01:41.6
    Greg Stewart 01:42.1
    Tyler Schwizer 01:42.3
    Clayton Marcotte 01:43.6
    Owen Unbehaun 01:43.9
    Greg Atherton 01:44.3
    Lee Stroble 01:45.8
    Eduardo 01:45.9
    Kyle Knight 01:47.2
    David Rauch 01:48.1
    Ryan Amos 01:48.3
    Mark Stierwalt 01:48.5
    Ryan Amos 01:48.7
    Alex Hulette 01:49.3
    Patrick Agius 01:49.6
    Christian Gonzalez 01:49.7
    Robert Novack 01:50.6
    Burns Hudson 01:51.4
    Chadwick Morris 01:53.2
    John Haynes 01:53.5
    Kevin D'souza 01:55.3
    Jacob Naylor 01:59.0
    Nick Hesketh 02:08.4
    Brian Anderson 02:08.3


    Jay Fesperman 01:35.0
    Nick Graytmons 01:41.9
    Alberto Mizrahi 01:44.0
    Tim Desmond 01:44.7
    James Wray 01:44.9
    Devin Gonzales 01:48.1
    James Burkhardt 01:53.4


    Johanne Tuttle 1:42.3
    Alexis Decosimo 2:01.7
    Crystal Dellinger 2:03.

    had fun! beautiful day, always good seeing friends

    I've posted most on my BLOG and on flickr
    I've got more, but i've got to find that memory card, it's somewhere in my car...


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    yeah the new trail they have made is BAD ASS big jumps! looks like so much fun. The race was great too, that big gap jump ppl were doing some sick tricks and all the very cute college girls out there was nice to just sucks i had to take off early cause of work. Good time and great pics as allways brad!
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    Hey guys. I don't know where else I can post this but I have the ebay listings up for the remaining shirts. If I can get at least another 20 orders of S, Med, Lrg, Xlrg. I will get another batch made up. Please email me at [email protected]. If anyone knows of somewhere else to post this up let me know or copy and paste it over.

    Thanks everyone. The selling of these shirts is what will make it possible to sponsor in the future!! Which I really hope to do.

    Ebay links:

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    Fantastic event and well worth the ~700 mile drive. The course was incredibly fun, love those berms and the wallride. Plus a race is always a good excuse to head north and get some riding in the mountains.

    Brado, nice meeting you again, you got some great shots of the event and you got me in a few of them (see guy trying to get some video with his helmet cam in first pic, you should have told that newb to get the hell out of your shot ).

    Huge thanks to Clemson Freerid, Upstate SORBA, and all the other sponsors for putting on such a cool event!!!

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    Hey I'm in Columbia and was wondering where the trail actually is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freaknunu
    Hey I'm in Columbia and was wondering where the trail actually is.
    Clemson SC

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