• 03-26-2015
    Bikepacking western nc - help needed
    I'm looking to take a bikepacking trip in western nc sometime this spring or summer. the things I would like to include on the trip would be: mountain biking (obviously), rock climbing (preferably top rope), fly fishing, and overnight camping. Any ideas for trails or trail systems on which I can make all these things happen would be greatly appreciated. Ideally I would like to camp in a central location then bike to each activity separately so I'm not carrying as much unused gear at any one point, but I can get over that, if need be.. Thanks for any help.
  • 03-27-2015
    Hmm the top rope-able climbing is going to be tough. There isn't much of that in the western part of the state. Or at least climbs were the anchors are easily accessible. Otherwise brevard/pisgah area and even pantertown would be excellent choices. You might consider just hiring a guide for a day. There are some amazing routes in wnc, but unless you are comfortable leading 5.7+ trad you are out of luck. Well there is some easier trad/sport in the brevard/pisgah area at Cedar Rock and satellite Crags. Decent amount of mixed 5.5-5.7 slab climbing (1-4 pitches). There might even be some top rope-able stuff there, but I can't seem to find my guidebook atm to check. Might be able to rappel down and setup a top rope. Cedar Rock Guidebooks back in stock | Ground Up Publishing. Most of the trails are hiking only to the base of those cliffs. There are tons of biking trails around the cliffs, but I don't believe any go to the base. So if you were riding you would need to stash your bike in the woods somewhere.
    Brevard/Pisgah is probably your best bet. Tons of roadside camping, some of the best biking around and also some of the best fly fishing. Climbing is amazing too. You have regular campgrounds, roadside camping and backpacking sites everywhere in PNF. I would recommend checking out Daniels Ridge trailhead as there are some sites along the creek there. That is a good base camp location.