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    Which Bike for Which Ride?

    Sometime soon, in a month or two, my wife and I are going to visit friends in or near Ashville.
    They're actually HER friends, so I will have plenty of time to go riding.
    I plan on bringing both of my bikes. One is a Stumpjumper 29er fully and the other is a 907 fatty with Clownshoes and 4.8" tires.
    Any trails better suited more toward one bike? Should I even bother bringing the fatbike?
    I ride both bikes on the same trails here at home and enjoy both for different reasons. I would imagine I'll just ride one one day and one the other... Unless you guys say different.
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    Unless you just want to bring both I don't think the fatty will be necessary.

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    I see guys with Fat Bikes on all the trails here and love them. If you have the means to bring both bikes, I would. If you can only bring one, just bring the Stumpjumper.

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    Yeah... Carrying both bikes is no problem. I guess I'll just do what I always do and ride whichever one I feel like riding that day.
    Thanks, guys.
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