TRAIL WORKDAY SUNDAY, JULY 11th 2010 – Emerald Outback Trails, Beech Mountain, NC
Beech Mountain, NC – The Beech Mountain Bike Club has announced a collaborative trail
workday on Sunday, July 11th. Over the past 6 months many area residents have banded
together to create what will soon be the Beech Mountain Adventure Trail Park, a comprehensive
public trail park totaling 20+ miles of trail for hiking, biking, running, snowshoeing, and cross
country skiing use.
The first phase of the project is the “Emerald Outback” micro-park/trail network. This area
consists of 7 to 8 miles of single track, double track, and fire/gravel road trail. The entire
Emerald Outback trail is nestled above 5,000ft. in elevation and has varying terrain and
geographic features that make the trail system truly unique to the area. The trail system has
been designed by bikers, hikers and trail runners in order to better meet the recreational
demands of such outdoor enthusiasts. The best part is this is a public project, so the trails are
open for your enjoyment. Beech Mountain citizens, Town employees, Beech Mountain Club
employees, Banner Elk and Boone residents, and visitors to the area have all played a hand in
the creation of this amazing trail network.
On Sunday, July 11th, 2010 the Beech Mountain Bike Club will host a collaborative trail day
of massive scale in order to escalate phase one of the project to its true opening before the
XTERRA – Beech Mountain – 10K trail race event is held on Sunday, July 18th 2010. The group
will be erecting the official trail head at the Beech Mountain Town Hall/Chamber of Commerce/
Visitors Center, placing directional and informational trail signage on all trails, and doing final
trail clean-up before the XTERRA trail race takes place. The BMBC is requesting your help on
this momentous day in order to make these trails more accessible, discernable, and clean for
your recreational enjoyment.
The trail workday will begin at the Beech Mountain Town Hall at 8:30 AM on Sunday, July 11th.
Although some trail equipment will be provided, it is recommended that you bring along metal
rakes, loppers, shears, gloves, weed-eaters, chainsaws, and leaf blowers of your own if you
have them available. Also be sure to pack water and snacks. The group will set out on foot
to groom every inch of the Emerald Outback trail system while placing brand new directional
markers throughout the network. As this is a public project, help from the public is needed in
order to better the trails for your enjoyment. Please encourage anyone you know interested in
trail building, biking, hiking, etc to come lend a hand in kicking off the next big thing on Beech
Mountain! Your help is greatly needed and greatly appreciated!
For more information regarding the Beech Mountain Adventure Trail Park, the trail workday
scheduled for Sunday, July 11th, 2010, or general information about hiking and biking on Beech
Mountain, please call 828.387.3003. You can also follow trail development, get group ride and
workday updates, view park photos and maps, etc at:!/