• 04-11-2004
    anyone want to hook up and show me some trails
    me and the lady friend took the 15 hour drive from toronto yesterday and are staying at the Hampton Inn in Brevard, thank god for those travellers coupons at your rest stations or i'd be paying almost twice as much for accomedations here, were not to sure where to go from here, were right behind the walmart. The orginal plan was to drive here then go to a local bike store or ranger station to gett the info needed for the best trails, but i forgot it was easter weeknd so im assuming everything is closed, hampton inn brevard room 109 until late thusday
    STeve or Lara or if you see a blue balfa or trek fuel with gold psylo races and a small braided hair girl riding feel freee to throw a rock at us to get a conversation started.
  • 04-11-2004
    I'm about 4 hours away, so can't show you around, but here's a map of Bent Creek that should get you going. Park at the Hardtimes trailhead and ride the stuff to the North side of Bent Creek Road.

    <img src=https://www.mtbikewnc.com/images/gif/bentcreekmap2.png></img>
  • 04-11-2004
    That's funny Jack
    Asheville/Bent Creek is about thirty minutes away. A fun place to ride, so add it to your list. Make note of the new off-trail policy post below - possible $75 fine for riding unmarked trails. It is drizzling here now, so I'd have to say this wouldn't be a good trip to try today.

    Since you came all the way from Canada without a ride plan/contact, I'd suggest asking directions to DuPont Forest for your first adventure. It is very close to where you are staying, nice views, waterfalls and it drains well... if the expected rains hit. The trails there are well marked and not as isolated as some of the Pisgah routes father up 276. The parking area off Cascade Lake Road is your best bet for running into other locals. If the two Brevard bike shops - within walking distance of your hotel - are closed today, you might check the tourist information racks in the lobby for a DuPont map.

    Hope the weather holds out for you!
  • 04-12-2004
    thanks for the info............yesterday
    we hooked up with 4 local guys, drew/carlo/lenny and vinniee and they showed us two suttle runs one down averycreek and the other that came out at the fish hatchery, both were amazing comparred to what we were used to, unfortunatly its raining prety hard today so i think we might try dupont this afternoon and then some more pisgah (bennet gap) tomorow. anyother info would be much apreciated
  • 04-13-2004
    I'm going to try (emphasis on try) to make it to dupont after work wednesday. Should be at the parking lot off of cascade lake road by 6:30.

    I'll ride the following trails

    93,74,10,55,97, 3,16,6,19,51,12 & 19 back to the car. This should be close to 12 miles. The climbs aren't that bad and the downhills are tame.

    My only problem is I have an all day meeting that may carry over into the night and I won't have internet accesss to let you know if I can't make it. So if I don't show up just use your map and follow the trails I listed above to get your ride in.