• 03-15-2011
    Asheville YetiRider
    Any route ideas for Sunday?
    Any route ideas for Sunday? I was thinking of starting somewhere that would be convenient for anyone coming from the Hub or going to the Hub afterwards.
  • 03-15-2011
    Big = Park at ranger maint. lot do Blk. mtn. all the way-then on to Buckwheat and Bennet then your back at the stables then up Maxwell cove to blk then down to parking lot.
    medium/Small = Park at horse stables 477 to Buckhorn gap to clawhammer rd(5058) then left at steps up blk. mtn. and then buckwheat-bennet - back to stables.

    Pinkbeds is seasonal, Pinkbeds - gauging station -buckhorn-blk mtn.-clubgap - pinkbeds - total is about 13 miles.

    Fish hatchery 475b - covecreek - daniel -butter-long - catgap(Seasonal) - hatchery. This will get you around the road/trail closure.

    Or loop all this together for a minature PMBAR

    Pile-on boys I'm sure there is holes in my loops!!!!