This is near Kitsuma and Heartbreak Ridge. Be on the lookout for wild dogs or Coyotes.


Animal Attacks Teen
By: Holly Headrick

A Buncombe County teen goes hiking with his friend when a wild animal attacks, going straight for his neck.

It happened Sunday evening in the Mill Creek area of McDowell County.

17 year old Simon Sexton was hiking with a friend when the canine jumped at his throat and took him to the ground.

Rodney Sexton, Simon's father, said the "animal was definitely going for blood and to kill him."

Simon was able to put his hand in the animal's mouth until his friend helped beat it off.

He suffered bites to his throat, face, groin and hand.

Animal Control officers say they found paw prints in the area which would lead them to believe the animal was about 50 pounds and not a coyote.

Sergeant Brian Walker says, "we suspect it could have been a female canine that has pups and she was protecting her pups."

Walker and Sexton warn others to be cautious while hiking, camping or fishing.

Walker says this time of year, animal attacks are up, both wild and domestic because more people are outside and babies are being born.

He urges folks to always take protection, even if it's just a walking stick.

Simon is expected to be okay.

He has stitches and is being treated for an infection in his hand.Animal Attacks Teen (04/28/09)