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    Sight Carbon - Air time?

    I've been looking at buying a Sight Carbon and have been wondering if they can handle some small to intermediate jumps? I have a 6.3" turner rfx now that can handle all the jumping I like to do when I ride (and has never bottomed out). I typically hit smaller gap jumps, 4-5' high, maybe 6' or so long, when I ride. I'm 190lbs and not the smoothest rider either. I also like to hit drops to flat in the 3-4' range as well.

    Or, should I be looking at the Range? As much as I enjoy the rfx, I would definitely enjoy a bike that is not so sluggish.

    thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    Obviously giving up 20mm travel is noticeable (In good and bad ways, depending on what you want). I would consider a 5' high and 6' long jump a pretty decent sized jump. You might have to adjust your style, and accept a little rougher landing in exchange for a lighter more nimble bike.

    I'd be interested to know how climbing ability would compare from the sight to the Turner RFX - longer travel but DW link.

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    smiling - thanks for the info. The Turner RFX is pre-DW link, it uses Turner's TNT suspension (I think it's essentially a HL).

    I'm going to jump on a Sight and Troy tomorrow.
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    Can you please give a detailed summary of both bikes , how they handle ,etc after you are done riding them. Thanks

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    I am 160 pounds and had basically the same questions when looking for my new bike. I ended up buying the 2014 Range over the Sight. The Sight (with a Pike on the front) can definitely handle the rough stuff better than some other bike's in the same class, but it didn't feel as "happy" on the larger drops like the Rango did.

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    The Sight is definitely in the trail bike realm - light, fast, precise, flickable, and damn fun. Unfortunately, it's not so much in the bomber huck every line category. The Range on the other hand feels almost DH bomber, but also lacks all the pop and nimble feel of the Sight. The difference is dramatic. I can't say exactly why but it feels like a much bigger difference than 20mm or a pound or two. I'd say the Sight will crush the Range anywhere that pedaling is a factor, but jumps and drops are not.
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