• 12-30-2015
    Sight 2015 7.1A - Member Intro
    Hi All,
    Love my Sight since I purchased in June 2015. Still stock other than recent Praxis wide range 10x cassette with their 32T Chain-ring.

    Some early niggles with Maxle Lite loosening and rear shock mount loosening - but otherwise VERY happy with this bike.

    Seems very hard to get tech info such as bearing sizes etc so will be searching through this Forum - looks like there's plenty of info on here.

    Also looking for an upgrade path - most likely rims & cranks in the next year or two.

    Anyway - here's a pic
  • 01-13-2016
    Very cool!

    I almost bought that bike last year but my girlfriend surprised me with a carbon model (c7.4).

    FWIW, the best upgrades on mine were the 1x crankset (RaceFace Turbine Cinch), RF SixC Carbon bars and Easton AR27 wheels. Well ditching the Ardents too! You have an awesome platform to work with.
  • 01-14-2016
    Cheers JC - the Turbine Cinch was the direction I was thinking of taking. The Ardent I have kept on the back - I run a Schwalbe Hans Dampf up front - copes well with the pea gravel we have here. I'll check out those Easton Rims and start saving.
  • 01-14-2016
    Keep an eye out for used AR27 wheels. They are OEM on some Transition and Santa Cruz bikes. They are very similar to the Easton Heist wheels except they are sleeved instead of welded. On the used market you may find a set for $300. Even at 1850g they are much lighter than the Inferno wheels and these go tubeless easier and safer.
  • 04-27-2016
    Quick Update - Continued the Praxis-works drivetrain theme by changing out the old Deore cranks with the "Turn - Girders" & 30mm Praxis BB. Crank length shortened from 175mm to 170mm to try and reduce pedal scrapes.
    I feel I have a really nice drive train on this bike now 1x10 is still working flawlessly.
    Now to look at the cockpit. Raceface turbine stem with Next 35mm carbon bars?