The Shinobi - Any love for this model? Curious to hear your views - good or bad!-
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    The Shinobi - Any love for this model? Curious to hear your views - good or bad!

    I recently purchased myself a Norco Shinobi 2.. I think it's a 2012 model.

    It's obviously a used bike, but in very good condition. It just needed a few minor maintenance things when I bought it.. just lubrication, pressures, settings anyways, etc. Silly things that should have been done.. I think it had been out of use for a long time and the seller didn't really seem that knowledgeable about mountain bikes.. if you were selling a bike you'd think you'd know to do those things as they essentially cost nothing.. but whatever. I've done it all now and it's riding a lot nicer.

    I don't want to know ask about my specific bike here, I basically just want to ask about the model in general.. Basically, as I'm new to the sport of mountain biking and I'd love to hear what you folks think of this particular model (my new bike), then and today? Or has anyone got one? Or had one? Any good things? Bad things? Or even any good stories to share about them? I've made my decision so I'm just keen to know what others think of them.

    I basically had a choice.. a budget hardtail (maybe like a Voodoo) or something like this, a used, higher end bike that was a few years old.. I took my chances and went with the latter.. I dunno why but something just drew me to the Shinobi.. I just really liked it from the moment I saw it. I'll make an exception and ask, do you think I done the right thing? Or if it was you would you have got a budget hardtail? I don't mind either way.. I'm content in my decision.. just curious.. would you pick a used Norco Shinobi or a Voodoo (or some other budget brand) hardtail first?

    As far as I'm aware they're currently out of production? Any suspected reason? Did they not sell well? Is there plenty of them about or are they somewhat uncommon? I know I've never seen one. Was there a newer named Norco to take the place? Or is there a gap where the Shinobi was?

    Overall, were they generally thought of as good bikes? Are they a "classic" or anything? Or just another model? I know a lot of the members on here use very up to date mountain bikes.. but to me.. something like the Shinobi is quite up to date.. until recently I was ona 20 year old piece of junk! So it's a big improvement whatever way one looks at it.

    So yeah, would love to hear a bot about the Shinobi 2 if anyone has anything to share or any discussion it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much

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    I have a 2012 Shinobi(medium)as well, picked it up earlier this year, it was also a garage ornament for the previous owner.

    It has been great, I rode it for a while then made some changes to it to fit girlfriend.

    It now has 27.5 wheels, shorter crank arms, and 720mm bars. Only maintenance item was the bottom bracket.

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    Sorry I am just seeing this post but I figured better late than never.

    I'm running a 2013 Shinobi that I built up from a new frame I bought on closeout in 2014.

    This is/was my first 29er and I love this bike. While the geometry is older its still a perfectly respectable trail ripper and I have never felt that it is lacking in the performance category. My only complaint is that when jumping, it can give you a real nose heavy feel which could be the geo/it being a 29er/or just me.

    As far as being discontinued, this was the first trail bike 29er that Norco attempted and while the model was short lived it is living on in the designs of the 29 Sight and Range.


    The Shinobi - Any love for this model? Curious to hear your views - good or bad!-img_20180806_185618770.jpg

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    Thanks very much for the posts! Exactly what I was looking for.. and greatly appreciated! Cheers, guys!

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    Love my shinobi, That 4 bar linkage is so supple.

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