Revolver and CCdbAir IL-
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    Revolver and CCdbAir IL

    Anyone with a Revolver FS put a dbair on their bike? I loved that shock on my old Tracer that I had, and have considered getting one for the Revolver FS to make it feel a little more plush. Maybe a Revelation/Pike, 27-30mm rims, and aggressive tires to set it up along the lines of the SB100/Blur/Sniper.

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    I almost went this route last year with my Revolver. I ended up buying a sight, but the Revolver with a good rear shock would be simply awesome. I love my Sight, but I miss the Revolver.

    Curious if anyone has tried this. People are probably going to say it's not worth it because the bike will be limited by the head angle and such. I'm going to go ahead and say that despite the head angle, the Revolver has some serious trail bike chops. What most don't see is the long reach and long front center. The only thing I felt really held this bike back was the lack of rear tire clearance to run wider tires for rougher terrain.

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    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I was worried I would get replies just suggesting to get an Optic/Fluid/Sight. My wife would roll her eyes hard if I were to be actively trying to switch bikes/frames again! Haha So just gotta pimp it out a bit more playful than racer and see how it rolls.

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