Norco sight bb pivot bearings-
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    Norco sight bb pivot bearings


    Does any one know how to take out the bb pivot bearings on a 2013 norco sight 2 it has a axle in between the bearings , do i just tap them out with the axle and replace them or is there some other way
    Norco 2013 Sight Bottom Bracket Pivot Bolt and Bearing Kit | Evans Cycles


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    2 canadian brands and their forums on this site could not be more different.
    Rocky Mountain have links to video's on how to do all kinds of maintenance to their bikes. The guys on the forum give technical answers straight away.
    From Norco or their riders not so much, dont know why....

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    Remove the crank and the 2 screws holding the front mech on. Remove the 2x allen key screws holding the swing arm into the bearings and the swing arm can then be pulled clear revealling the bearings. take care not to loose the 2x washers held between the swing arm and bearing. When you remove the screws one will proberly come out and the other will just spin so you need to insert the correct size allen key through the screw hole of the removed screw. (There is a hexagonal female head in the centre of the pivot bar to enable the bar to be held tight to remove the 2nd screw). With the bearings exposes tap the pivot bar, this will knock out the opposite bearing and pivot bar on the opposite side leaving one bearing left to remove. Use a mallet and punch to knock out the remaining bearing from the opposite side. Take care to knock the last bearing out evenly so not to damage the frame. I've just removed mine. It is much easier than it sounds. i havent replaced the bearings yet as Evans Cycles do not have the kit in stock so i have ordered bearings only from a local bearing trader. If you know where i can source the correct bearing and bolt kit I would be gratefull if you can tell me. I love my Norco but have had previous problems with the pivot bearings resulting in me having to replace the pivot rocker so i recommend you check these bearings and replace them before they get too worn or you will be forking out 100.00 plus on a new rocker. Good luck

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