Hello. I have a killer b3 that I like a lot. however I noticed that I was hiting my pedals a lot, after checking sag, tire pressure and that everything was ok I decided to measure the BBH and realized that its just 13in high (33 cm), contrary to the 13.5 (34.4) that appears in the geometry table. I like the bike a lot so Im going to try to do a quick cheap correction to this. I was thinking of changing my mounting hardware to offset mounting hardware

Offset Mount Kits, 12.7mm - TF Tuned Shox

and remove the spacers from the fork to increase to 170 the front travel.
Does anybody know which size of mounting hardware fits the killer b3, I upgraded the shock to a xfusion vector air (8.5x2.5). BTW the bike goes down like a dream with that shock.
Any thoughts or suggestions.