I've been riding my 2012 Norco Nitro 9.2 for 3 full seasons and have about 15 rides on it so far this year. Approx. 4000 km total on it, 75% singletrack, 25% pavement when I had to use it as a commuter.

It is a low-mid range hardtail bike ($1500 new in 2012). Was planning to get one more season out of it before dropping ~5k on a proper FS trail bike.

I never abused it, rode XC/trail, rarely got any air (and if I did get air it was very small bunny hops, no jumps or TTFs), and the seatpost wasn't extended beyond the min insertion point. If I pull back on the saddle even gently I can see the crack open up.

Any one have insight on my chances for this type of crack being covered by warranty? If so I wonder what they normally do to replace a bike that is no longer in production.