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    2018 Norco Storm 2.3

    Looking to pass the love of Mountain Biking onward and buying my 6yo his first actual Mountain Bike, get this boy on some trails and pump tracks! Selling the 16 inch Amazon Special and trying to figure out the best bike for him to ride for the next few years. I have narrowed it down to the Norco Storm 2.3 and the GT Stomper Prime 20. I really like that these bikes are rigid, geared and aluminum. Initially I liked the Norco but by local dealer is out, I am told Norco is out and I see them online but they cannot be shipped... Awesome. I was told however that the 2018 models are coming out, great! So I ask when, "not sure, soon". I ask if they will be the same Color or if the 2.3 will have disc brake bosses... "Dunno"... Okay well I take this into my own hands and contact Norco.. Not possible, apparently Norco has Social Anxiety Disorder because you cannot contact the directly. I would like to know if the 2018 Storm 2.3 will be exactly the same as the 2017? Or, will the 2018 now have disc brake bosses like the Storm 2.1 and GT? Color not a big deal but my son may think otherwise. Any info anyone has including any way to contact Norco would be greatly appreciated.
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    Norco's web site has the 2018's up now. It looks to me like the 2017 and 2018 Storm 2.3s are identical; same colour options both years too.

    I'd like to know how its weight compares to the Superfly 20 since the rest seems similar, but I can't find the Storm 2.3's weight listed anywhere.

    Edit: I compared some more and see the Storm 2.3 has more steel on it (hubs, handlebar, fork) so it is going to be heavier than the Superfly. Frame may be heavier too as Trek is using their middle grade aluminum rather than their entry level which they use on other lower priced kids bikes, and Norco may choose to use their lower end as well.
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