Howdy Norco Owners,

I just recently bought a used 2005 Norco A-line dh bike as a winter project. Its old but a perfect bike for me to sit down and learn new things and stay busy while it dumps snow here in Montana.

Any who during my research i found lots of information but I am missing some and am hoping someone might still have the info i need or at least can give me some advice.

I have done a complete tear down to clean and find out what i need to replace. I ordered new bearings, tires, and a replacement BB so far.

Anyways, my biggest question i am struggling to find answers to is about torque specs.

2005 Norco A-Line Rebuild/Question about Torque Specs-20181128_230408.jpg
I only recently got a torque wrench and started doing my own work on my bikes and do not even know a ball park torque for my BB, Cranks, and pivot points. Any help would be much appreciated.