hey i just went on a quick ride around a parking lot with a 09 norco shore three and it felt great and i'm just wondering whats good and whats bad about the bike. since its the 09 version it is selling for $2499, around $500-$1000 less then the current shore three so i'm thinking of buying it for a few reasons. Yes the parts maybe be a tiny bit old or not top notch but the guy at the bike shop said if I was willing to spend $1000 on upgrades i could make the bike as good or even better then the 2010 Shore one and currently i have the money to do that. So what do you guys/gals say about this bike. is it worth it to get a new, last years bike and then upgrade it? If i did upgrade it what should i do first?

http://www.norco.com/bikes/2009-spec...9-shore-three/ Thats the specs of the bike.