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    05 norco vps shore advice

    hi all

    im very new to the mountain bike world..and trying to absorb everything i can. im planning on getting my first bike soon. i was gonna get the 2011 felt q520 and then i can across this "05 norco vps shore"..the seller says that the only thing original on the bike is the frame and the fork, the rest of the parts he says he bought new and builted up the bike.. im trying to look up on more info on VPS (variable point suspension), but cant seem to find any real info on it..can u guys tell me what u guys know about it. anyways..i read more on the norco and people said that it was a good bike..but that was 5+yrs ago. i was wondering if the bike (frame) will b good today. some of the things he bought for the bike are as followed:

    Front fork- White Brothers DH2 major travel
    Rear Shock- Fox Vanilla RC
    Rear derailleur- Sram X-7
    Brakes- Hayes Hydro Stroker Trail (8 inch front rotor)
    BB- Race Face.
    Seatpost- Thompson Elite
    Front Rim- Sun Ringle ADD
    Rear- Arrow Rim with Axiom hub.

    anyways..do u guys think its worth getting a frame that is +5yrs old and im not a mountain bike tech so im not sure how good or recent these parts are (ive read on some of the parts and they get so so reviews). if u where this situation, would u get a new bike that cost less or an older bike that cost more? hes asking 850-900$. anyways, any information will help alot.
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    As far as I can tell, the Felt and the Norco are entirely different bikes.
    The Felt looks like an entry-level hardtail while the Norco is a slack and very heavy freeride/DH bike.
    What type of riding are you interested in?? This should be the main factor in determining what bike to choose.
    There are better deals available in my opinion, than a 5-6 year old freeride bike plus the parts pick ain't that great.
    I'd choose the Felt, or similar, if you intend on actually learning to pedal and generally speaking, the newer the bike, the newer the technology.
    It's amazing what the changes are component-wise even over a short span of 5 years.

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    thanks for reply

    im very new to the sport..and as of now..im just riding on trails.(last summer) .going up hill and down some...i would eventually like to jump of stuff (maybe not 20ft but some where between here and there some day..and hopfully by the time mid summer comes around). that's my planish...but its as loose as an oversize pant.

    believe me..i am tryin to look for some deals..but i wouldnt know what a good deal is if it came and slap me on my face..

    this is my dilemma...should i get an older bike with old technology which cost more that will eventually do want i wan to do....or do i get a new bike, which cost less, and work my way for doing want i want to do?
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