I am in the market for a new bike. I am replacing my custom 2013 Orbea Alma Hydro 29er. I have it spc'd with pretty decent parts. My problem is that the frame size (small) has a very short wheelbase, making the bike very unstable, and, more importantly, I get significant toe overlap, even with 165 mm cranks. I am 5"8.5', so I purchased the recommended size.

I have been looking at the Stache 5, but am concerned over the subpar parts spec and press fit bb. Plus, if I sell the Orbea whole, I will be taking a huge loss on the parts.

So, I am looking at possibly purchasing a small EMD frame. I built up an older version of this frame for my wife a few years ago (also size small), and I have no toe overlap issues when riding and the ride is much more stable....although the bike seems very "low." But, the EMD frame will allow me to swap over almost all of my last gen parts.

I see that the new EMD can be run with either a 100 or 120 mm fork. I have a 100 straight fork on the Orbea...so I could use that if I got the lower adapter ( I think). But, I am thinking of maybe upgrading to a 120mm tapered fork for a little more relaxed geometry.

I curious if anyone has experience between running a 100 vs 120 mm fork on the EMD frame. Am I correct, that I could use my existing 100 fork and that I just need an adapter.

Also, am I correct that the newer frame uses the "old" 135mm QR spacing in the rear?