New RIP 9 Too Much Bike for Midwest?-
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    New RIP 9 Too Much Bike for Midwest?

    Any thoughts if the new RIP 9 is too much bike for the midwest with occasional trips out West? I like to get air, but things aren't too rowdy here in the midwest. Thoughts? I haven't had a chance to ride the new RIP...

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    My opinion is "No", it is not too much bike. The geo is not super slack and it handles very well in stock configuration. It really rides like a long legged trail bike instead of a full on enduro sled.

    Plus, then you have a good rig for riding bigger stuff when possible.

    Good luck!

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    You might want to look at the Jet9. I have the 2017 with 27.5+ and 29 wheelsets. The new Jet is like the old Rip. I would have no issue taking the Jet out West. I ride east coast chunk and the Jet handles it great. Itís good in the twisties as well. Good luck!

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    I'd echo what Chinman mentioned, that being perhaps consider the Jet 9. When Niner revised their bikes some time back they shifted the Jet 9 more into the space that the older Rip 9 occupied.

    I have the prior gen Rip 9 RDO and it is perfectly fine in the midwest, but I still prefer my RKT 9 RDO. I do tend to take the Rip 9 RDO when I travel out west.

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    The Midwest is a big area. There's not as much elevation as some places have but my travels find use for a trail or AM/Enduro type bike in the Midwest every bit as much as in other areas. That said, you do not need as much travel with great modern bikes. I moved to a bike between current RIP and Jet (the latest gen Fuel EX) and find it's 130 rear and 140 Pike feels more confident with crazy stuff and flight than my 6 inch travel bike did.

    The real answer is always delay gratification and try a lot of bikes. Rent them, go to demos, ride them where and as you will over time. That's made it easy for me to choose. Any expense was worth it because I chose what was right vs acting on someone else's preferences.

    Have fun shopping.
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