Do I need the slacker puck?-
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    Do I need the slacker puck?

    Hi. Just picked up a Jet 9 RDO 29er. It seems to come with their version of a 15mm slacker puck for the bottom headset cup. Iím coming off an XC bike and Iím not sure I want the extra slack.

    Everything Iíve read seems to indicate that itís just an extra thing to support 650b wheels, but the 2018 frames seem to have them pre-installed, even on the 29er builds.

    Is it advisable to remove it and put in someoneís low-profile cup?

    The bike rocks, btw. Itís pretty interesting moving from a 2008 Turner Flux to the Jet 9. The difference big wheels make is pretty wild. That Flux has a steep head angle and really tries to throw you over the bars on rocky downhills. Itís as if it was designed to be a catapult. The Jet seems to have plenty of slack and I donít think it needs the extra spacer, especially since Iíll mostly be in XC mode.


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    I ride the Jet with the slacker cup. I originality bought my 18 Jet RDO with 27.5 plus wheels. My LBS gave me an extra cup. I know ride the bike almost exclusively with 29 wheels.

    I did not change to the 29 cup when I went 29 wheels. In fact I went the opposite route your considering. I increased my fork to 140mm. I used my Jet as a trail bike and ride tech terrain here in AZ.

    If I wanted to do just XC racing type riding i would go with the thinner cup. If not and you are doing just casual riding. Iíd donít see he need to change it out.

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    As stated, ya donít need it but GG includes one with their bikes encouraging riders to try different setups to find what works best for them. I put one on my Ď14 Trek Stache with a 120 fork so I get the stance of a 140 fork without the cost and it handles all terrain like a champ. Ya read everyone complaining their bike has Pedal Strikes, what the hell is that? Iíd really like to put one on my Jeffsy but the steerer tube might be too short. If its gonna end up in your junk box, send it my way!

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    Thanks all. I think I'll keep it in there for a couple of weeks and see if I get used to it. I still have to dial in my suspension and that could change things.

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