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    Dang Niners....

    So it seems I have a problem. I really like Niner bikes. Even after dirt fest this year I didn't see anything I had to have. Rode a Pivot Fire Bird, Yeti SB6 and an Ibis Ripmo. None seemed to be head and shoulders over the Rip with DVO suspension (coil or air).

    But, When I was laid off as a contractor I ended up selling my Sir just to have some cash. Picked up a Ros just to fill the void and figured I'd love it for the head angle, dropper routing and bash guard mount. The Ros was fun but After a few longer (20+ XC) rides my back couldn't take the short TT on the Ros.

    I found a CHEAP One 9 RDO on pinkbike, yeah I know not the place for a SS shopper. But the price was good. Sid fork, American Classic wheels, carbon bars, Niner carbon post....Then the bike showed up. The Bike was rough, the rear rim had more dents than straight spots, the buyer kept the front fender and rear cog shown in pics, the chain slap guard was falling off.

    BUT! For the price I wasn't too pissed. After fitting some stock Niner/Schwalbe tires, my XO cranks, CK cog, Connex chain the bike was around 23# and seemed ready to go.

    Wife, me and the aussie shepherd hit the trails for a short 11 mile ride. Things went ok. The dog peter'd out early so we called it quits. Turns out I was down to 20# in the rear tire and the fork had something come loose. Not to mention the pup had torn a paw pad. He doesn't get out often enough.

    Flash forward and the dog is taking it easy for a few weeks. Wife went out for a ride with the NICA kids and I'm left sorting my used bike.

    The fork has the compression piston bolted onto the adjuster rods in an RS Sid. A couple screws that hold the piston assembly on had just came loose, that's cool no biggie. Little lock tight and all is well. But, I'm still not sure what this fork is. Seller said it was a Sid but no real outside branding and the serial number comes up "non OEM or, replacement"

    The tires finally sealed up. It came with some specialized ground controls that made good trash can filler. Turns out the valve stems had a slow leak so that's good now.

    After bolting on my wide bars I may have to buy a new XTR brake hose for the rear brake. Thing get a little too tight in sharp switch backs and if I crash that'll get ripped off for sure.

    She's no Sir. Super rigid ride. Acceleration is like a rocket but it needs bigger wheels. Something I can run a large volume tire on around 24# in the rear. My Schwalbe rocket Ron just isn't big enough to run less than 25# and the nobs will be too small come winter. The Rapid rob 2.4 in the front is good but and odd bal Niner only tire that I fell in love with that can't even be bought anymore.

    Over all I like the bike. Even though these frames are long gone. I couldn't justify $500+ for just a used Sir frame so the geo of the One9 RDO fits just as well even if the ride is like a covered wagon.

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    Oh!! and FYI if you have the one 9 you can run an internal dropper. It takes some work to get the cable housing routed around the EBB and keeping the length right is a bitch but, no external housing!
    "I'm the fastest of the slow guys"

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    Say what you will about Niner, but they sure do make purdy bikes. And yours is a beaute.

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