Current vs Prior Gen Air 9 RDO - who has impressions?-
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    Current vs Prior Gen Air 9 RDO - who has impressions?

    I've got the prior gen Air 9 RDO with 142 rear spacing. I tend to ride my RKT more, but always enjoy the Air 9, especially on shorter 2 hour rides. I feels fast and punchy and reasonably compliant.

    Reading through the material that's out there on the current gen Air 9 RDO, along with the slightly slackened head angle and boost rear spacing, the major difference that's touted is that Niner stiffened the frame where needed but still left in some compliance. I guess the generation of Air 9 RDO (2nd gen) was criticized for being too compliant as opposed to the very stiff 1st gen bike.

    I'm very interested in hearing from riders who have put significant miles on the different bikes and how much of a difference there is.

    I started out with a plan of just upgrading my last gen SID to a Fox 32 SC but that led down the path of upgrading to the current gen frame with a 32 SC Boost fork and swapping over my other components. I have an extra Boost wheelset so that helps and I won't need to rebuild my existing wheels.

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    I had a previous gen air 9 aswell and loved it.
    Last year I attempted to upgrade to the new version and ended up with 2 cracked frames within a month and a long dispute getting my money back from niner.

    Interestingly niner had asked me to cut the bb out of each frame and I discovered completely inconsistent layups.

    SO much for there race day optimisation more like well just slap some carbon and resin in the mold and cross our fingers.

    i don't ride niners anymore.

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