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    2009 RIP 9 with 46 mm offset?

    I have an older 2009 niner rip 9 that is in great shape. I am looking for a new fork and have seen a 140 mm fork with a 46 mm offset. Will the 46 be a big change from a 51 mm offset fork. With the 46 and 140 mm of travel be good or bad as the 140 will move the front tire out and make a longer wheelbase or will I ever notice it?

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    If my calculation is correct 51mm to 46mm will increase your mechanical trail by around 5.5mm and decrease your wheelbase the same amount. A shorter offset works better with the long front center of the newer bikes I think.

    My guess is you won't notice any difference so get the fork. With the current craze over lower offset forks It might retain its resale value better if you decide to sell it in the near future.

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    If your old fork was a 120 or 130 I'd suspect you'll feel more difference from the increased travel vs the fork offset ... BUT ... there's a reason the bike was built around a 51mm offset so be prepared for things to feel different.

    You can adjust the feel somewhat by changing to a different length stem too, but how much adjustment you can make there depends upon your personal fit on the frame. You may find that you *like* a 20mm shorter stem more than the current, maybe. Depends upon your current stem.

    When I took my '12 Yeti from a stock 70mm stem to a 50mm, with slightly wider handlebars, I was much happier. My current bike has an even shorter stem and wider bars, but the frame has a different layout ... it all depends on how it fits/feels to you.

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