Id like to install an internally routed dropper on my 1st gen EMD frame size medium. Plan would be to have the cable exit from the seat tube about 3 to 4"s above the BB shell and at an angle so the cable, using jagwire stick on cable guides would run up alnog the bottle cage mounts to the head tube. I know a external dropper would work but id like to not have the cable spaghetti.

I figure i have about 230mm of insertion before hitting the seat tube bottle mounts. Then another 200 to 250mm to the seat tube exit location. What im still trying to figure out is the seated height. Measuring from the coller to the rails of my current saddle and i need 230mm to get there. This brings my dropper travel options down significantly so im looking for 125 and 100mm droppers that have that 230mm i need to have for seated height.

So i'd like to ask if anyone has done this with their older gen Niner HT frame and what external/internal dropper youre using and such/ Any tips? TIA