For the UK based folks, there have been a few changes in the way Nicolai is trying to approach the UK market, mainly around how its gets its brand and the awareness of what it can do out there.

I have been, along with some of my industry contacts, trying to increase brand awareness and this has manifested itself in the recent coverage in What Mountain BIke of my Ion15 custom, along with an early incarnation of Chris Porters franken-mondraker, and more recently My Ion 16 fwd geo custom in last months issue, also in the wider coverage of Chris Porter's (Mojo suspension and man of strong opinions) continued experiments in extreme geometry once it was pointed out Nicolai could indulge his mtb related fantasies! I've added some links to the Bike Chris has put together. He has had even more extreme parts made now, including multiple swingarm lengths...even if you don't agree, its interesting no?

We are also pulling together ideas of how to increase the involvement of customers with their purchase/the factory/brand supporting dealers and provide more information about what goes on with your frames to generally create a premium experience.

UK Facebook Page and Brand awareness-img_0086.jpg

UK Facebook Page and Brand awareness-img_0087.jpg

UK Facebook Page and Brand awareness-img_0088.jpg

UK Facebook Page and Brand awareness-img_1833.jpg

Interview: Chris Porter, on his custom Nicolai Ion 16 - BikeRadar

Chris Porter's custom Nicolai Ion 16 - super bike - BikeRadar

To the main focus of the post, there is now a UK Facebook page for all things Nicolai, there will be info on some events, news, ideas around group rides, holidays etc. Look it up, like, share, take part, even if you aren't from the UK...

So here's the link, get involved.