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    UFO ST - an honest owners opinion

    I've had my UFO ST since last June which I bought in a rush. In that time I've used it for 4x, dirt jumping, drops, downhill racing in the UK and the Alps. It's been down the roughest courses in the Alps through to used on tame xc rides.

    Old build photo (chain device and gustavs now fitted):

    It's roughly 44lbs depending on tyres. It feels very heavy to lift as you'd expect and is a bastard on the push ups

    However once moving it feels very sprightly. The short back end makes rough tight course much easier than most long wheelbase dh bikes. Even though it's alittle shorter than the likes of an Orange 224 or Intense, it holds its line well enough. It definitely likes to stay planted on the ground unless you tell it otherwise.

    If you want to play just give it a big pump on the take off and it can be chucked about with more ease than other bikes of this variety.

    It's a bike that is very easy to jump straight onto and ride comfortably but takes a long while to master. The short rear end makes manualing through sections with ease, I can manual it almost as easily as my 4x race bike.

    The BB is very low so I had to swap to 165mm cranks which has solved the clearance issues.

    All in all this 'bottom' of the range full suspension Nicolai is well worth a punt. The only real failings are the wheelbase does feel to hold it back on very high speed alpine tracks and again, a slacker headangle would help it there. It's a pretty good UK dh bike as our courses are often tight and technical.

    As for sizing, I'm 6ft1 and the medium is perfect for chucking around but still long enough for longer rides with the seapost up

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    Nice write up there solamander, the ride looks great. So you are 6ft 1 and ride a M, technically then a large would be ok for me at 6ft 4? I have looked into having the custom geometry and having a Large made a little bigger. I also notice you are running the Front Mech, I understand this limits the rear wheel travel to 180mm, how do you get on with that? Do you find yourself hankering after the other 20mm?

    I am looking at a UFO with a CCDB for a play/Chicksands bike as well as one I can take to the Alps. I am about 240lb and will probably opt for a totem, or perhaps even go for the RS Boxer, not sure yet. Do you know anybody in UK with demo bikes? I would need to test the L prior to purchase to see if I need the custom geo. Many thanks for your post, thats a sweet ride you have there.

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    I think you'd probably need a large. For most tastes, I'm on the upper limit of a medium.

    I was told (after buying!) it's limited to 180mm with a front mech attached but I don't understand this. Mine is set to full travel and nothing fouls when the shock is fully pressed springless. I think it's only a limit if you have certain types of front mechs and very large tyres. I run 2.2-2.5 low profile Michelins and there is HUGE clearance even fully bottomed.

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    Have you ever tried adjusting the shock shuttle to give a slacker head tube angle? That could help out with those high speed runs.

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    Great stuff!
    I loves mine too.
    I agree with everything you said. And yeah, some of the hella long fast runs she feels a little slippery. I bet with a CCDB set to full travel would go a long way to helping me
    Man with a short air shock and a short travel air fork this bike jumps like nobodies bidness.
    And its FAST!

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