sizing confusion-
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    sizing confusion

    Hi there,

    so I´m in for a new frame. I initially was thinking about an AC29, but for several reasons I prefer to go for the AC650b. So now the problem is that I have no test center in my area, which means I´ll have to rely on the geometry tech sheets to choose my size. I am 6 ft 2" tall with 34" inseam, rather long upper body/arms; my current ride is a Niner MCR in large (stack 637mm, reach 431mm, TT 626mm) that fits me well with a 90mm straight stem and setback post (straight post was also ok). So I talked to somebody at Nicolai, who recommended the large one ("for sure"). Another dealer told me that I might need an XL. I plan to build the Nicolai with a shorter stem (probably 60mm) and Reverb seatpost. I do 1-2 multiday tours in the alps per year, otherwise mostly day tours. I would like this bike to be confortable on long tours, but still not handle like a tank downhill.
    So what do you think, L or XL?

    thanks for your advice,


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    I am 6ft 1 and have a large AC 650b find it perefect,running 70mm stem and 750mm bars.
    at 6ft 2 i would think possibly a XL,with a 60-70mm stem

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    187 cm, 87 cm inseam here, so about the same as you, and ride an 'old' 26" large Helius FR for enduro-like trips with a 60 mm stem. Fits me perfectly. Would definitely not want an XL. Did a five day transalp on this as well, so I'd say L for sure.

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    I am 6ft 6" and have an XL Argon CC 29 and an XXL Nonius (26). XL is definitely too large for you, I'd say.

    Be careful with the minimum seatpost insert. The post has too be inserted till below the top tube, i.e. M (in the tech sheet) + 40mm + a bit (= ca. 145mm for size L). If you use a 430mm Reverb, this leaves 285mm of seatpost extension.
    480mm (seat tube length, size L) + 285mm (seatpost extension) + 40mm (saddle) + 175mm (crank) = 980mm
    980mm - 864mm (=34" inseam) = 116mm reserve

    If I didn't make a mistake, you might even consider an M frame (with an L top tube?).

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    thanks very much for your replies, highly appreciate it. This is going to be one of the more expensive frames I bought so far, so I really want to make sure it fits me right.
    @Midgetman, I have to think about what you say about seatpost insertion, that´s a detail I wasn´t aware of...

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