Should i get helius FR, help to decide-
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    Should i get helius FR, help to decide

    So after extensive research i nailed 3 bikes for my riding style i tested them all
    1. commencal mini-DH
    2. sx-trail
    3. giant reignX
    these bikes covered my riding style, which is more or less FR and some trail riding to the top
    i do some bike parks to so strong frame helps, i like my bike to be responsive and flickable
    with active progresive suspension i also like to stand up and mash up climbs, hate pedal bob

    i was ready to buy commencal mini-DH (which is great) but friend made me better deal on Helius-FR 07,
    it is dream bike so i didnt consider it when deciding
    So can any1 help me how this bike compares to those in the list

    can it take big hits and gnarly terrain, im bit sceptical bout HA and Seat angle, also it seems bit high and not so agile, would be really bad to run totems on 07 model (could get them down to 170)

    Need to decide fast
    Thx in advance

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    i think if you need to run totem, and in order to keep your 5 year warranty ... you will need to get the 08 FRs with extra welding on the gussets. i remember reading somewhere that certain 08 models have a strengthen frame to take a totem ... check with Falco from nicolai

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    Yep the 07 will only take up to a 170 fork.. if you have totem solo airs you can lower them to 170.

    Check my build and review of a FR all be it an 08 with totems

    Mine is proving to be a great all round bike. Today I was at chickie in full body armour and a full face doing 12ft drops, next weekend I will be in Glentress riding trails.. all on the same bike with different tyres tubes and pedals...

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    Quite the hard question in a way. Have to say glad am not in your shoes. But if we just went for build quality and a frame that is as straight as a rifle barrel, the 07 FR would be the best of the frames you mention. Am not knocking those frames either...

    I feel the 08 FR compared to the 07 is a totally different bike... Not even in the same ball park in my opinion......

    In saying that, strength wise etc, I would have no issue that it could handle the type of riding you mention, why not put a 160mm Fox 36 Van fork on, will take a beating.... Have seen some 07 FR's in action and they are super strong..... As the boys mention, moving to a 180mm Totem is going to destroy a 5 year warranty...

    Hard choice, but if it were me, have thought more about it, would jump on the 07 Helius FR..... Put a coil fork on the front and a good coil on the rear and you will be good to go. I am 6'4 and ride a large, it is plenty able to be thrown around etc....

    Best of luck anyways
    The_Lecht_Rocks: whafe - cheeers - may i offer an official apology for the wagon wheeler "dis-belief"

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    thx for reply
    ill try and go for a test ride but i can proly only get 07 model and no custom geometry
    its hard decision,
    but all in all i cant get wrong with any of these frames
    Can i put my pikes on it just for quick start until i get new forks? or will it ruin geo
    For fork im thinking in line of Lyriks 66 or lowered totems (170 right)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kike666
    Can i put my pikes on it just for quick start until i get new forks?
    You can do that, no problem. The '07 FR is so adjustable that you'll be able to set it to around 145 mm of travel in the rear (which will match the Pike's 140 mm just about perfect) and also you'll be able to adjust the head/seat angles - if you don't like them as they are - by moving the front shock mount back or forth. Just make sure the rear tire doesn't hit the seat tube at full compression.

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