Questions: Nicolai UFO DS-
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    Questions: Nicolai UFO DS

    Hey Nicolai fanboys

    I've been offered a frame swap + a little cash for my 06 Intense Tazer VP/Manitou 3-way with an 04 UFO DS/DNM coil shock. I've always been a Nicolai fan myself, but could never afford their prices.

    My question is this: Will I be able to turn the UFO DS into a mini DH bike? I got the Tazer for 4X racing initially but the track is taking forever to get built and the only racing I've done on it was a lame BSX race on a BMX track and a bunch of XC races. I was thinking if I got the UFO I'd turn it into kindof a practice DH bike (where I work & live now, there's no DH but I go back to my hometown to race) as a companion to my real DH bike. But really, I just want a fun bike I can occasionally race smoother DH courses on.

    The '04 geo chart says 68.9deg head angle (presumably with a 100-120mm fork) and just "-20.5" for BB height so I'll assume its in mm and subtracted from 14" (wheel radius) which makes it 13.2". I was thinking of putting either a 36 or Lyrik on it which bumps the fork travel up by 40-60mm, so roughly slackens the head angle by 1.5deg? and raises the BB about an inch? So I'll end up with 67.4deg head angle and 14.2" BB height. What do you guys think? Makes sense or am I just trying to justify it?

    Opinions (especially from experience) welcome.

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    I rand mine as a FR bike for a while. It worked exceedingly well for everything except climbing. I ran several different forks, I think the 36 TALAS RC2 was the best overall match but I also tried a 66SL, Totem Solo Air, and a Pike 454 coil. I didn't care for the Pike on there for FR/DH but it was fine for dirtjumps. I mostly ran the 36 TALAS at 130mm although I did use the 160 mm setting a few times for really gnarly steeps. The Totem was setup at 140 mm and was probably the best feeling fork that I ran for bigger hits.

    I think my favorite thing about the UFO-DS was the ease at which I could throw it around because it was so small/flickable.

    With the Totem:

    With the 66SL:

    A couple of pics of how I mostly used mine:

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    Err, nailed it as always. The UFO DS is a real versatile weapon. Personally I think it is a little heavy for a World Cup DS 4x frame but that extra material makes it super tough and able to handle the abuse of pure jumping and slopestyle stuff. Mine is set up for DS now with a Pike DA and about 120mm for most stuff. A quick adjustment and it is perfect for ladders and some extra fun. At one point it had a 7" Sherman on it and it felt awesome roasting corners, keep in mind that with 115mm out back there is not much forgiveness for bad lines on a DH course. But if you can race a DH hardtail this will be butter.

    w/ the Pike and Big Wheels.
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