Pedal bashing and Pinion gearbox damage?-
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    Pedal bashing and Pinion gearbox damage?

    Open question, how big an issue is it? if at all.
    Has anyone suffered it on here?

    I'm Pinion curious with the new lighter 12 and 9sp boxes, looking on here and doing some sums I think you could get within 1.5lbs of an XX1 build which would be the same as my old Helius AM.

    I would run a lowish BB at 345mm. BUT you can specify crank length from Pinion and 160mm would be no problem for me. I rarely strike low on my Ion at 342mm BB and 170mm crank and almost never in high with 348mm BB....

    I'm told Pinion are VERY confident of their gearbox's integrity and that the warranty service will back that up...

    I guess if there are no responses, its all good
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    As far as I know the best source of information on the pinion gearbox is in German forum. I am very interested in pinion myself. Here is the link:
    Pinion Erfahrungsberichte |

    Hope this helps.

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    you could try the link posted by slavdo via google translate and if you need some help send me a link and I'll translate for you.

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    I'll chine in...I had one of the earlier pinion gearboxes on my helius am....loved it but it slipped a lot in the 6th and 11th gear. I got pinion to switch the faulty gearboxe out with a brand new one.

    The 2nd one I had started developing issues with gears not engaging while under certain loads...this time it was sent back and they upgraded the crankshaft which they stated was a known weakness in that if it was struck hard, it would break and start to fail.

    Mind you, I don't consider myself extremely hard on my gear...average is probably a good rating for how I treat my gear and I'm not heavy either.

    I wound up selling the hike as I was getting tired of the issues and having to deal with warranties across the atlantic.

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