One for Whafe: Helius FR vs Titus EG?-
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    One for Whafe: Helius FR vs Titus EG?

    ... or anyone else with experience of both - any thoughts on how they compare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heihei
    ... or anyone else with experience of both - any thoughts on how they compare?
    Mmmmmmm, now that puts me on the spot....

    My thoughts re the Handsome Focker come from spending a weekend riding, some 10 hours riding in total. Where by I have had vastly more hours on the Helius FR.

    My thoughts are not biased because this is the Nicolai forum, I have a Titus and was very close to pulling the trigger on a Ti Handsome Focker....

    Please know also that I love to ride bikes, I dont have a doctorate on the techy details etc...

    The El G is a great bike, I have said from day one, I feel in my opinion that it will make the MotoLite obsolete. The El G climbs like a goat, in many instances, I felt more comfortable climbing on it than my ML... To some up cause time is against me. The El G is a fantastic longer travel Trail / AM bike, the geo is good, but for me it is not aggressive enough for what I wanted from the bike I was wanting. Dont get me wrong, it is a great bike.

    For me though, the Helius FR is more the bike I was wanting to build, it fits all the requirements I wanted. For my intended purpose it fits the bill for what I ride.....

    So all in all I have not been much help I have to say.... But both great bikes. The Helius FR will take your riding further I believe... Mean that constructively.
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