Offset Bushings.-
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    Offset Bushings.

    Hi, Looking at slacking out my 2010 Helius AM and thinking rather than change the headset or replace the front mount plates, I would try some 3mm offset bushings.

    A few things of concern.

    1. Due to the rotating factor of the link in movement what are the chances of these offset bushes rotating between the shock plates? I'm not too keen on over torquing the bolt into the Ali plate.

    2. On the inside Dia of my old bushes there is some scoring from the shock mount bolt. Is this right? and if I go for the 3mm offest it doesn't leave much material to be removed before I'm through the Bush.

    Also has anyone else managed to snap a shock bolt (49mm end) yet?



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    Hi RPM
    As the wall thickness on the 12mm bushing is 2mm [((12-8)/2)mm], the max practical is about 1.5mm offset per bushing.
    You definitely want the 8mm bolt in the linkage end, but you might get way with a 6mm high tensile bolt at the front, I did that for a couple of years on a Spesh Enduro including a Chamonix trip (with a wider mount and a 12.5mm bush dia with 1.5mm offset).
    I have seen closeup pics of an AM frame with an offset bush at the rear [run in the 153mm position] where the shock bushing "spacers" touched the chainstays wearing the ends a touch.
    Nicolai Frame Wear with offset bushings...... Singletrack Forum
    so, beware.

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    Why wouldn't you just run an offset front mount and avoid any issues? And do you want to lower the BB and slacken the seat tube? If anything making it slacker you want to steepen the seat tube, which would be the headset route ideally. I know it's more expensive but imho a better option unless you do want a lower BB.
    Aka chainline...

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